Chrysalis Introduces ‘Education for Human Potential’ for Every Child in India

Chennai: Chrysalis, a leading organization in educational reform, marks the rise of a new education system that focuses on awakening the Human Potential in every child. This will be a shift in era from the current ‘Education for Job Readiness’ to ‘Education for Human Potential’. A nationwide movement called “Dream for the child”, recently initiated by Chrysalis called out to everyone who cared for the child, to rise against the mediocrity in the current education system that focuses on understanding and applications of academic concepts at best.

The appeal saw an overwhelming response of 1420 school leaders, 800 parents, 350 teachers and other stakeholders coming together to join the dream to bring out the extraordinary human potential in every child.

“India is a country of more than 15,00,000 schools failing to awaken the extra-ordinary Human Potential in every child. There is an urgent need for a reform in the system, before we lose another generation to an inadequate education system that focuses on job readiness instead of focusing on the child.”, said Chitra Ravi, CEO and Founder of Chrysalis. “We dream of an education system that is not designed with the fear of making the child job ready, but designed to bring out the infinite beauty in every child. We dream of an education system that is made for the child, not for the industry.”

The Human Potential Framework developed by Chrysalis backed by 16 years of academic and field research, is the first integrated educational framework that focuses on nurturing the cognitive, social, emotional, metacognitive aspects of thinking during the formative years of a child. Considering an average child spends 75% of their time in a classroom, this framework is integrated into core academic subjects from KG to 6th, making it accessible to every child from any school.
Chrysalis aims to reach every child in India with this model of education through a multi-channel approach that involves an open source framework to be launched in 2018 that can be integrated into mainstream curriculum in schools and they aim to work closely with Central and State Governments. Private schools and parents can opt for their readily available integrated program called ThinkRoom.