CIMP Students Attended A Webinar On Artificial Intelligence


Chandragupt Institute of Management Patna organized a webinar by Prof. Vimal Kumar M for its students. Prof. Vimal, an assistant professor at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, is an expert in information technology, social inclusion, fairness and privacy concerns of artificial intelligence (AI), and platform technologies. In his address, the professor provided a broad overview of the recent trends in the applications of Artificial Intelligence in the corporate sector. He began by exploring the meaning of Artificial Intelligence and why it matters to MBA students. He then apprised the students with the history of AI and some of its achievements. He also resolved the questions in the minds of the students and helped them differentiate AI with Machine learning and Deep Learning. The students were also exposed to how business is going to embrace AI in modern times. Prof. Vimal explained that some sectors, including the medical industry, marketing and advertising, are already using AI and machine learning at a rapid pace.
To conclude his address Prof. Vimal spoke about the implications of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learing in transforming the various sectors of business. He also discussed how deep learning helps AI to learn complex issues using multiple layers of computation. The students understood the finer intricacies of these technologies and requested Prof. Vimal to discuss the ethical implications of these technologies in day to day life. The students also asked several questions to the professor and he appreciated the quality of the questions asked. In his remark, Director of CIMP, Dr. Rana Singh mentioned that technologies such as AI, machine learning and deep learning are going to transform business and governance. He also encouraged students and faculty members to learn more about these technologies and appreciated the series of webinars being conducted at CIMP.

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