Classplus celebrates the struggles and grit of women educators through its new video

Noida: This Women’s Day, Classplus, India’s leading tech platform for educators and coaching centers to go digital, has launched a video campaign to celebrate the struggles and grit of female educators by shedding light on some of the challenges that come with being a woman in education. It is an eye opening revelation of how despite being relatively better represented in the education sector, women continue to grapple with archaic gender norms and unresolved biases against them.

Women remain significantly underrepresented in all major industries in India, education being no exception. While the society encourages women to take up jobs traditionally thought more suited for them like teaching, they continue to have limited decision making power and a dearth of opportunities for growth. In the video, the female educators share how they were often dissuaded from running businesses independently on the pretext of not having the same aptitude for business as their male counterparts. They continued to work in the shadows of a male member of the family until Classplus came along. Classplus is leveling the field for female educators by offering them the same technology and tools that are available to male educators to help them grow their teaching business.The need for having more empowered female educators cannot be stressed enough. It will not only encourage more young girls to pursue their career aspirations, but also boost the economy by capitalizing on the so far untapped potential of female educators who are equally capable.

“As an organisation on a mission to empower educators, we have identified and tried to solve a lot of problems that they face. However, it is an undeniable fact that the challenges of a female educator run deeper than their male counterparts. So this International Women’s Day, through the stories of our female educators, we want to put emphasis on the fact that it’s time for women to break free from the shackles of societal norms that hold them back and step into the spotlight and shine!”, commented Mukul Rustagi, Co-Founder, Classplus.

Classplus empowers all educators and coaching institutes with an all-in-one mobile app that allows them to run their messaging, take video classes, sell online courses, conduct online tests, manage payments and student engagement, all on a single, easy to use platform. In a short span of time, Classplus has become the digital identity of more than 100,000+ educators across 1500+ cities by making them realize their dreams.

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