Classplus, India’s Largest Online Teaching Solution, Used by 2000+ Educators in Karnataka in the Last 8 Months

Bangalore: COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdowns casted a dark shadow on the coaching industry. Teachers were cut off from their students and risked losing their primary source of income.They struggled with multiple platforms – Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Drive, but none were designed specifically for teaching. That is when Classplus, India’s largest all-in-one online teaching solution for educators and coaching centres, started making it easy. Classplus is a simple tech platform that helps educators create their own brand online through a mobile app, making it a quick and seamless experience for them to take live classes, share study material, and even sell their courses online. In the past 8 months, Classplus enabled 2000+ teachers across Karnataka to adopt the online teaching approach and go national.


Classplus has enabled a digital identity for teachers from small towns and cities who are using the platform to teach thousands of students across India. Abhishek and Harish from the cities of Bangalore and Bijapur are two of these 2000+ teachers in Karnataka currently using the platform. Abhishek has been a teacher since 2018. Classplus has empowered him with his own coaching app, Grassroot Education, which he uses to equip students with a good command over English and prepare them for the IELTS exam. Harish also started Class Master in 2020 with a similar vision of preparing students in the neighbouring towns and villages for the engineering entrance exams. Classplus has allowed them to cross geographical barriers, focus their energies on teaching rather than administrative activities and provide a world class experience to their students. Abhishek’s student base has increased to 30K+ from 5K when he started out 6 months ago and Harish’s revenue per month has quadrupled.


“We have seen teachers in cities like Mangalore, Bijapur, and Mysore use and appreciate our platform which is why we have decided to shift focus to the untapped markets of South India. The new age students prefer learning on their computers and smartphones and to help them realise their full potential, the pedagogy has to adapt to the changing times by embracing technology and digitization of education. Through Classplus, we are giving educators the right resources to do what any big edtech company today is capable of, that too without diluting their brand.”,  said Mukul Rustagi, Co-Founder, Classplus.

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