Classplus launches a video campaign, Guru Dakshina, to offer a token of gratitude to all the “Gurus”


Noida : This Teachers’ Day, Classplus, an industry-leading mobile platform for coaching institutes, educators, and content creators to launch their online teaching apps, has launched a video campaign, Guru Dakshina, to offer a token of gratitude to all the “gurus” for their invaluable lessons and contribution to their students’ successes. The campaign is focused on an ancient Indian tradition of repaying one’s teacher as a manner of expressing heartfelt gratitude when one’s education is completed.

Education went through a paradigm shift in the last couple of years due to the advent of technology and pandemic induced lockdowns. Schools, colleges, and coaching institutes became virtual and teaching started happening over video calls. It was a sudden change, one that left a lot of teachers who didn’t know how to navigate online teaching baffled and dispirited. Teaching was not merely a source of income for them but their passion too. The video depicts one such teacher who is depressed at the prospect of never being able to teach again since he has never embraced technology for online teaching. He is all set to leave the town where he taught thousands of students over decades and move to a city until a couple of his old students pay him a visit. The heartwarming video honours the teacher-student relationship and reminds the viewers that they owe their success to their teachers’ lessons. Empowering their teachers to continue teaching in these trying times through technology, just like Classplus does, is the least one can do to repay the debt they owe to them.

“During the lockdown, teachers were under a lot of stress since they were not used to technology and suddenly, teaching required them to use multiple tools. Classplus wanted to be their pillar of strength so that all they had to do was focus on teaching while we took care of the rest. Guru Dakshina is inspired by our personal story of how we have empowered not just our own teachers but the teachers across the country through an all-in–one mobile teaching solution. It is our humble guru dakshina for them.”, commented Mukul Rustagi, Co-Founder, Classplus.

Watch the video here:

The video has already garnered 4M views till now and the song was so well received by the audience, that the Classplus team has decided to release it independently in a few days.


Classplus had launched a video last year as well to pay tribute to each and every teacher for their extraordinary efforts during the first lockdown amidst the pandemic. It was a beautiful representation of the efforts that go behind every class.

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