Classplus launches wellness program for its employees

Noida: Classplus, an industry-leading e-commerce enablement platform for coaching centers, solo tutors and online content creators, has recently launched an emotional wellness program called Classplus Wellness+ for its employees. The program aims at helping the entire Classplus team and their loved ones cope with everyday stress, improve relationships, and lead a happier life. The program consists of one-on-one online counseling sessions about managing anxiety, weight, addiction, health, postpartum depression etc with mental health experts that are available 24×7 free of cost. The sessions are completely confidential and available in several formats including online chats, video/voice consultations, and workshops on Barefoot Counseling, Secondhand Stress Management, and many more for people managers and the leadership team.

Even in 2021, counseling remains a veiled and stigmatized concept in India. According to a National Mental Health survey, up to 83% Indians who’re in need of professional support, still hesitate to seek counseling. It is becoming increasingly evident that employees’ mental health is a critical determinant of their overall health, and that workplace stressors can contribute to a variety of physical illnesses. Furthermore, poor mental health can lead to employee burnout, limiting their ability to contribute meaningfully in both their personal and professional lives.

This wellness program initiative was taken with a belief that sharing concerns with someone highly trained and qualified is the key to emotional wellness and holistic development, something that is imperative for building a resilient workplace. This would help the Classplus team make better career and personal decisions, be more productive at work, and in general, become a better version of themselves.

Talking about Wellness+, Bhaswat Agarwal, Co-Founder, Classplus said, “Our complete wellbeing is of the utmost importance and while we may be paying attention to our physical health, our emotional wellness must not be ignored. In these challenging times, and with so many unsettling questions in mind, we are all in need of a friend who can give anonymous, unbiased, round-the-clock help. We would like to be that friend and extend our support to our teammates. Through this program, we want to ensure that help is just a click away and that team Classplus is its happiest and brightest all the time!”