Classplus to organize India’s largest Financial Conclave in association with Invest Aaj For Kal

Noida : Classplus, India’s category leading edtech startup that helps content creators launch and scale their online coaching businesses, is going to celebrate the financial connoisseurs of India at one of the largest Financial Conclaves – FinClave 2022 on April 17th, 2022 at the Four Seasons, Worli, Mumbai. The event is to be held in association with Anant Laddha, Founder, Invest Aaj For Kal, a 25 year old investment firm with over 30k investors across India. Anant Laddha has over 9 lakh YouTube subscribers and has been named a “Creator on the Rise – INDIA” by the platform.

Renowned influencer and commercial pilot, Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast, will be joining as the Chief Guest of FinClave. Several other fin-stars like CA Rachana Ranade, Raj Shamani, Abhi & Niyu, Pranjal Kamra, Vivek Bajaj, and several others will also be in attendance. The event will feature finfluencers interacting with each other on topics such as content creation and monetization, financial awareness in India, and cryptocurrency among others.

“Most of the population today relies on Finfluencers for financial gyan. Hence, it is important for finance content creators to unite and work for the common objective of making India financially literate and to support each other in perpetual growth. This is the motto of FinClave while celebrating their contribution to the finance space” says Anant Ladha, Founder of Invest Aaj for Kal.

Founded in 2018, Classplus is a Noida-based ed-tech company that has embarked on a mission to touch the lives of new-age content creators. The company, which is currently valued at 600 million dollars, is a series-D funded market leader in the segment and is set to revolutionize the global content creation landscape by enabling content creators to monetize their skills.

During the pandemic, India saw a huge surge in first-time investors. It was also a period when content creators started using a variety of platforms to distribute and monetize their content. This pool of creators also included skilled finance educators, termed Finfluencers, who recognised the knowledge gap among these new age first-time investors. These Finfluencers have had a positive impact on the macroeconomic system by imparting financial literacy and allowing people to make informed personal financial decisions. Recognising this, and with the goal of improving financial awareness in India, Classplus is celebrating these Finfluencers.

“The pandemic has highlighted the need for investments and financial planning to lead a stress-free life. Better informed personal finance decisions have a positive impact on the macroeconomic system as well. Finfluencers are true heroes who educate and empower people with financial awareness. FinClave is our attempt to celebrate them and offer them the right platform to grow their reach and impart their knowledge to more and more people.” says Mukul Rustagi, CEO & Co-Founder, Classplus.