Clever Harvey partners with Cult.Fit to launch a tech course for teenagers in high school

New Delhi: To give teenagers an early preview into future careers, Clever Harvey has joined hands with Cult.Fit to launch another industry-certified course, ‘JuniorMBA Technology’ for high school students (Classes VIII to XII).

The 15-day program aims to give students practical exposure to how tech teams at startups work as they learn to solve an industry project provided by Cult.Fit. Working in groups of two or three and guided by a Clever Harvey facilitator, students will take a “behind-the-scenes” tour of one of the most popular sectors in the world of business – technology. As they learn to develop tech prototypes with step-by-step guidance, students develop a strong foundation in computational thinking.

Speaking on the launch of the new program, Sriram Subramanian, Co-Founder, Clever Harvey, said, “We welcome Cult.Fit as a partner in building up this new category of experiential career discovery. We enjoyed co-designing this program with the leadership and tech teams at Cult.Fit. Through short case studies about how the company disrupted the fitness market and rapidly adapted to the pandemic, students will discover concepts such as user journeys, algorithms, and MVPs, which will help them see how a Chief Technology Officer would think, rather than a coder.”

Shamik Sharma, Head of Digital Initiatives, Cult.Fit, commenting on the launch, said “We are glad to have joined hands with Clever Harvey to improve tech literacy at the high school level. As coding becomes more mainstream in the school curriculum, what matters the most is not the syntax-level mastery or the specific programming language the student chooses to learn but the broader problem-solving mindset of understanding the context and designing an appropriate solution. The technology program will give students real-world exposure to how tech products are developed in a business. We are excited to see the ideas for Cult.Fit that emerge from the live projects.”

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