Closing ceremony of 14days NCC CTO Orientation Training Cadre successfull culminated on 31 Dec’ 20 in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: NCC CTO orientation Training cadre successfully culminated on 31 Dec 2020 after 14 days of intensive training that commenced on 14 Dec 2020. NCC caretakers from various institutes spread across Secunderabad under NCC Gp HQ Secunderabad attended the cadre being conducted at 1 T Girls Bn NCC .

Closing address was given by Gp Capt Venugopal, Officiating Gp Commander , NCC Gp HQ Secunderabad.All participating CTOs were felicitated with participating certificates as well as a small momento as a token of rememberance.

Maj Aditi Singh, Officiating OC , Sr GCI Saroj Bala and entire staff of 1 Telangana Girls Bn NCC were in attendance.

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