CM Launcher, Cheetah Keyboard and CM Design host grand event to promote CM Design’s design-and-earn model for aspiring graphic designers


New Delhi: Strengthening its resolve to empower graphic designers through its unique design platform, CM Design, the design platform for CM Launcher and Cheetah Keyboard, leading personalization apps for Android, recently hosted an event, CM Design- Mumbai Meetup 2018, to help talented, up-and-coming designers to learn about the amazing benefits of designing themes and other artwork for CM Launcher and Cheetah Keyboard. The event was held in Mumbai on September 9, 2018 and saw the enthusiastic participation of numerous aspiring and established graphic designers who were eager to learn about the platform and its distinctive offerings. Attendees at the event were treated to multiple speeches by members of the CM design team and existing designers about the benefits of the CM Design platform.

Since its inception in 2015, CM Design, an open platform that empowers third-party designers to earn money by creating downloadable themes for CM Launcher and Cheetah Keyboard, has endeavored to cultivate the design culture across the globe, encouraging graphic designers to hone their art in a lucrative manner. Through this event, CM Design aimed to target graphic designers, UI designers and design studios who could utilize their exceptional skills to add to their monthly earnings. The overarching goal of CM Design is to expand the designer community in India by building a robust system that can provide designers with a platform to showcase their talents and integrate with like-minded professionals who could help them improve upon their skills while also earning a significant amount of money through their endeavors.

Speaking on the successful event, Ms. Luo Yan, Operational Leader and Product Director of CM Design at Cheetah Mobile said, “We were thrilled to see such a rave response from up-and-coming designers hailing from all parts of the country. This event was hosted with the sole purpose of appealing to graphic designers, encouraging them to join CM Design and freelance with us to fast track their careers and ambitions. Our outstanding revenue model will allow them to earn through their unique skills by creating themes and designs for CM Launcher, Cheetah Keyboard and CM Locker. We are striving to uplift supremely talented Indian designers and believe that our goals and ideas were communicated in a seamless manner through the event.”

CM Design gives designers the freedom to choose their own working hours, decide their own workload and reap the benefits of the platform’s long-term payment scheme. With additional bonuses, exposure to 500 million+ existing CM users and surplus revenue generation opportunities through Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and Admob, CM Design has created a program that is a win-win for aspiring designers. CM Launcher has been active in the graphic design domain in the form of CM Design since 3+ years and has registered over 3,000 designers, and 100 design studios from over 50 countries are currently active on the CM Design platform. Together they designed more than 20,000 themes for CM Launcher and Cheetah Keyboard in 2017, with total downloads exceeding 200 million.