CMO chairs Rogi Kalyan Samiti (RKS) meeting at Udhampur

Udhampur: A meeting of Governing body of Rogi Kalyan Samiti was held today under the chairmanship of Chief Medical Officer, Udhampur Dr. K.C Dogra who is also the Vice Chairman of Rogi Kalyan Samiti (RKS) at District Hospital Udhampur.

Detailed discussion were held on various issues, which included white wash of District Hospital, Repairing of Ambulances, Lightening of hospital, Displaying electric boards and quality, approval for uniforms of causal workers, Procurement of material for sanitation, repairing of window pans and trolleys, Procurement of X–Rays films and CT Scan, Repair of wheel chairs/patient beds, Replacement of color coded dustbins and biomedical waste equipments, Ambulance tracing, Furniture for staff section etc discussed in detail.

Earlier, Medical Superintendent District Hospital, Dr. Vijay Raina gave a detailed power point presentation on the achievements and requirements of the hospital for the proceeding year and submitted the agenda point for approval before the members.

All the members appreciated the hospital management for its working and achievements. On the occasion all the members approved the agenda of RKS with voice vote.


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