CMS IT Services releases the CXO’s guide on Indian Education Sector

New Delhi : CMS IT Services has unveiledtheir new guide – ‘Staying competitive in the post-pandemic decade’ which highlights how the pandemic has shed light on the inevitability of digital and its significance in maintaining an organisation’s BAU.Ittalks about digital transformationacross industries like Education, Healthcare, Banking &FinancialServices and Government & Public services. It espouses the new tech trends in the education sector as well as the challenges which Indiais likely to face when it comes to education in the new normal.
Anuj Vaid, Executive Director, CMS IT Services says,“As global business races towards digitalization, one question keeps the C-suite up at night. “What emerging technologies have the power to disrupt my industry and jeopardize my company? What technologies can we ride to success? As advancements in multiple emerging technologies converge to create unprecedented value, is it possible to anticipate the impact of different technologies and make the strategic choices that are right for my business and my customers?”.
The guidedivulges that education 2030 will be a blend of traditional and modern modes of learning with a primary focus on e-learning. It also talks about technologies which will impact the sector. These include AI-powered tools, AR & VR, Cloud based technologies, AI/ML supported by learning analytics, Block chain technologies etc. It highlighted new trends such as –
• AI/MLled by learning analytics which will be able to diagnose curriculum weaknesses, automate grading, have surveillance during online examinations and provide customized tutoring for students
• Blockchain technologies like DLT that will be used in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and ePortfolios to verify the skillsets and knowledge base of students.
• Cloud-based technologies like LMS and LEP to deliver a self-directed, customisable digital experience to learners.
• Virtual Technologies like holograms that can make even zero-contact meetups and collaborations a ‘face-to-face’ encounter.

Zero-touch, Contactless, socially distanced services etc. are some of the major buzzwords that have been going around since COVID 19 struck. Minimal contact had become an inevitability and necessity and forever changed traditional service delivery tactics. Going back to these old ways don’t seem favourable as both service providers, their employees and consumers have all fallen into sync with this new delivery model and digital technologies empowered by AI/ML, Blockchain, IoT etc are how this new system can be employed to deliver business value as well.
“A digital takeover is imminent, and we have to think ahead to keep up, so our businesses are not a step behind technology-adoption-wise.” advises Vaid.
Subsequent chapters elaborating similar technological and digital transformation trends in the Manufacturing, Retail and Global Inhouse Center sectors will be published soon.
To stay competitive and thrive in the resurging digital economy, download the guide now: []

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