CNC Pathlab announces 100 franchise centres; provides non-investment business opportunities for youth, budding entrepreneurs


New Delhi : As the diagnostic service industry is witnessing a huge growth, leading diagnostic centre CNC Pathlab announced its franchising model in Delhi and neighbouring states to provide non-investment business opportunities to the youth and budding entrepreneurs. The move will boost the footprints of the CNC in every nook and corner of the country and enable them to gain knowledge of that particular market.

The diagnostic market in India is around Rs 75000 crore market divided into two parts — private and government. Out of this Rs 75000 crore, Pathology and radiology in private sector is about Rs 45000 crore and government sector is for about Rs 27000-28000 crore. Cancer n Cure (CNC) aims to revolutionize diagnostic services in India by ushering in the most specialized technologies, and innovative services. CNC has a wide range of tests ranging from the simplest screening to molecular advanced tests under pathology, cytogenetics, histopathology and haematology, providing quality diagnostic, prognostic and monitoring services to other path labs, hospitals and patients.

Healthcare franchises need low running costs, minimal investment, and attractive financial returns and the business partners and entrepreneurs of CNC Pathlab will get all the encouragement and support to grow with the brand, thereby boosting the healthcare sector and making the diagnostic services available to the last miles of our nation.

“Diagnostics Franchises are shaping the industry with a higher focus on service delivery and quality. Earlier, patients used to travel long distances to get high-end tests done, thus resulting in high travelling cost, loss of a complete day and higher wait time for these diagnostic tests. We have already witnessed how the pandemic and the consequent lockdowns affected the healthcare sector and opening up franchise centres will enable us to strengthen our healthcare system and make us touch the lives of many under-served communities,” said Mr Aditya Saini, CEO & Founder, CNC PATHLAB.