Co-create comes to its end with 14 teams making it to the finals

Persapien and E Cell Madras co-collaborative three month Co-create program declares the winners with the promise to guide them throughout their innovations
Three month long Co-create program initiated by Debayan Saha, inventor of Minus2point5 device and co-founder of Persapien, comes to its conclusion.
The program was conducted in collaboration with Entrepreneurship Cell IIT Madras. The endeavour was focused on and promoted ideas that contributed towards enhancing the lives of the 21st century people, keeping mankind and planet central to their motivation.
Amongst the various participants, only 14 teams made it to the finals. Throughout the campaign, the teams concentrated on 3 broad environmental categories which are Air pollution and climate change, Water conservation and waste management.
Persapien, the collaborative partner of Co-create is a start-up that works towards solving the biggest environmental threats to mankind like air pollution. As socially dedicated individuals, Persapien team is broadening its impact by empowering the youth of the nation to solve some of the biggest environmental crisis through innovations.
The top 14 finalists were constantly motivated by Persapien since November 2019. Persapien will be supporting the winning team and the other potential teams through Intellectual property (patent), prototype development, product support and business and network development.
In the Air and Climate change category, Team Purify (B.Tech from PESIT Bangalore) bagged the first prize and Team Eco-AC (B.Tech IIT Madras) landed as runners up.
Team Jal Rakshak (IIT Madras PhD) emerged as the winner in the Water Crisis segment while Water Chakra (Anna University Chennai and IIT Madras, PhD) was declared the runner up.
It is a long way to go, but its collaboration with E Cell, IIT Madras is the first of its kind which will be followed by several other associations with premier institutions in India and abroad to counter the pressing environmental challenges.