COAI jointly with 5GIF and 5G-ACIA organised a webinar on the ‘Next Steps to Accelerated Digital-Empowered Industrial Automation’

Chennai: COAI, the representative body for the Indian telecommunications industry, today jointly with 5GIF and 5G-ACIA organized a webinar to discuss the tangible steps to accelerated Digital-Empowered Industrial Automation. The webinar commenced with a welcome address by Lt. Gen. Dr. SP Kochhar, DG, COAI, followed by presentation by Dr. Andreas Mueller (5G-ACIA General Chair) and Dr. Afif Osseiran (5G-ACIA General Vice Chair).


An expert presentation on Digital Twin and the Asset Administration Shell was given by Mr. Josef Eichinger, Board Member 5G-ACIA followed by presentation by Dr. Nagahanumaiah, Director, Central Manufacturing Technology Institute on Smart Manufacturing in addressing 4P (Product- Process-People-Production) challenges for optimized productivity in industry.


An expert panel comprising of various stakeholders, discussed the requirements from Operational Technology industry and readiness of Indian ecosystem partners to provide reliable connectivity, infrastructure, and services. The panellists also indulged in discussions on key applications for industrial automation and role of standardized solutions for accelerated uptake. The event witnessed participation from TSPs, Telecom OEMs, Manufacturing industry players, System Integrators who will play critical role in furthering Industry 4.0 in India to stimulate and accelerate the digitization road map of the industries.

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