COCO by DHFL General Insurance launches COCORide, a customizable Two-Wheeler Comprehensive Insurance Plan


New Delhi:  has unveiled its new Two Wheeler Insurance Plan – COCORide, which will offer two-wheeler (motorbike, scooter, etc.) owners a comprehensive insurance policy that can be tailored to suit their exact needs. Celebrating individuality, COCORide offers policyholders a bouquet of options and additional covers to choose from, starting from INR 586 only.

COCORide by DHFL General Insurance, is the most comprehensive two-wheeler insurance cover available for an individual customer, who seeks insurance cover online, or through an agent, as on date. It has a wide array of 12 add-on covers, of which 6 are possibly first-in-market. Apart from Zero-Dep, Engine-Protect, Consumables Cover, Roadside Assistance, New-Vehicle-For-Old and Enhanced PA Cover, the customer can avail of EMI Protection as also Outstanding Loan Protection covers as add-ons. Thereby, apart from protection from accidental damage, it also cushions the customer’s family from the burden of loan taken on the vehicle.

Equipped with the integration of evolved algorithms, technology, and decades worth of cumulative experience, DHFL GI’s COCORide with its 12 add-on covers, will allow customers to move away from plain vanilla two-wheeler insurance policies and choose a cover and add-ons based on where they live, whether their vehicle is on a loan, etc. A prime example of this would be the availability of choosing an EMI cover and Outstanding Loan Protector if they have a loan on the vehicle or an Engine Protect add-on that is relevant for a person living in a flood-prone area.

In order to enhance a customer’s experience while buying the COCORide policy online, the company’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning solutions will provide visitors with hyper-localized and customized suggestions as well as content that is built around each person’s profile.

Speaking about the COCORide policy, Mr. Vijay Sinha, MD and CEO, DHFL General Insurance said, “With technology permeating through all segments of our lives – personal and professional, it is evident that consumers seek enhanced customized solutions. At DHFL General Insurance, we are combining technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Analytics together, to create not just unique products for each person, but also engaging and fun experiences while buying an insurance policy for oneself and their loved ones. Our COCORide policy has been created to ensure that bike owners have access to an insurance cover that is based on their needs and would be able to choose from a one year, two year or even three-year policy with add-ons of their choice! They no longer have to depend on what is sold to them as standard features that may miss on their needs, as they can now customize every bit of their cover.”

As the COCORide policy is tailormade for each person, the premium for the policy would also vary. Starting from INR 586, COCORide offers add-ons such as Engine Protect starting as low as INR 0.50 paise per day. In select markets COCORide will offer customers the option of on-the-spot repairs. They can also get advice from our Digital Experience Specialists during the online buying process by having a real conversation over phone on their insurance needs.

We are fresh from our 72nd Independence Day celebrations. COCORide endeavors that this celebration should continue and offers customers independence from dependence on someone else for buying insurance. COCORide can now be purchased with confidence, by every individual on their own, through a demystified online buying insurance process at