Codex & Premas Life Sciences Partner to Launch World’s First and Only Fully Automated Gene Synthesis Platform in India

Premas Life Sciences (PLS) and Codex (previously known as SGI-DNA) today announced a new sales distribution agreement, appointing Premas Life Sciences as the exclusive technology and knowledge distributor of Codex’s BioXP 3200 Platform in India. This is the world’s first fully automated system that can synthesize upto 32 genes, libraries and clones in a single overnight run.


Through this partnership, Premas Life Sciences will empower Codex’s revolutionizing technology that can significantly ramp up the current efforts in #COVID19 vaccine development, powered with BioXP’s complete automation, high throughput and reduced manual error.


BioXp™ 3200 system


Brian Donnelly, CCO, Codex commented, “The global scientific community has made tremendous advances in reading and understanding DNA over the past 20 years. We are now in an era where the focus is on enabling scientists to translate those insights into solutions that improve lives and the sustainability of the planet. The BioXp 3200 system allows, for the first time, scientists in India to automate, speed and optimize DNA design and synthesis in the privacy of their own lab. Our technologies combine speed and security for innovators in the fields of drug discovery, vaccine development, personalized medicine, and beyond.


India is an exceptionally important market for drug and vaccine development, and we are pleased to announce our partnership with Premas Life Sciences, a world-class sales distributor with an impeccable track record. We look forward to expanding our presence in India through this partnership and supporting the scientific community with our portfolio of synthetic biology products. Together, we are resolutely focused on empowering scientists in India with all they need to build biology so that they can change the world. Never has this been more important than right now,” added Brian Donnelly. 


Praveen Gupta, MD, Premas Life Sciences commented, “We at Premas Life Science pride ourselves in bringing cutting edge technologies in the area of Genomics to India and are elated to add Codex to our ensemble menu of Products. Codex brings in the world’s first and only Gene printer that is BioXp 3200 which enables researchers to print their genes overnight in the comforts and privacy of their own labs. This will catalyse the Cloning process and save precious time to get the clones ready thereby democratizing gene synthesis and pushing Indian companies and academia to support ‘Make In India’ vision with Synthetic Biology. We believe Premas market reach combined with BioXp 3200 technical prowess will spur the Indian pursuits of synthetic biology in academics as well as industrial applications of Biopharma, Diagnostics, Biofuels and many others including the much needed vaccine production for COVID-19.