CogitoHub: A unique platform to help class 12 students chalk out their next steps

New Delhi: CogitoHub is an Education Consulting &Technology company specializing in Assessments and Talent Management. With Class 12thresults out, the company recognized the need to provide students with a tool to help them evaluate their next steps by understanding various career options available and helping them identify areas of specialization that would be best suited for them.
The organization uses Predictive Analytics, Advanced Algorithms & Machine Learning to create contextual outcomes for Educators and Students across the country. The company has two specialized Programs ‘StudentNext’ and ‘EduTalent’. CogitoHub’s StudentNext Program empowers students to make informed decisions about careers, courses, colleges based on a scientific algorithm that takes into account their academic scores, interests, orientations & abilities and generates contextual directional outputs rather than a prescriptive unidimensional answer. The StudentNext assessment also highlights students’ areas of strengths and suggests ways to overcome perceived gaps, so that they can pursue the career of their choice.
CogitoHub’s vision is to bridge the talent gap and help fit the right people with the right courses, colleges and universities thereby helping students perform better. Over 92% of people who have taken the Student Next assessment to make decisions are happy with their choices.
“University, College and Course Selection are critical next steps after school. Choices made during this time have an impact on future decisions regarding further education, career paths, job roles etc. It’s therefore, important for students and parents to spend considerable time understanding and evaluating the options they have available in order to make decisions that are best suited for the child. The Student Next Programme uses a unique scientific algorithm that takes a well-rounded view of their behaviors, abilities, orientations and interests to accurately predict next steps.” says Kunal Sandhu, CEO & Founder of CogitoHub.

In addition to helping students make informed decisions, CogitoHub’s ‘EduTalent’ Online ERP-Talent Management Platform aids educational institutions across India to recognize the true ‘Potential’ of their educators and help them ‘Perform’ better. Thereby enhancing job satisfaction and overall school performance. This is done by interventions and validated tools that are enabled through alignment workshops, administered on a Technology-enabled platform. CogitoHub has a repository of 70+ career options spread across 20 varied Job Families.