College-Boy draws Pencil Portrait of Ex-Sarpanch, Patancheru


Sangareddy  : Chittla Kundhan, a 19-year-old with abundant creativity has never stopped exploring his talents like his brothers Sreenath and Karthik. He recently drew a pencil portrait of Devendar Raju, TRS Party Leader, former Sarpanch, Patancheru, and Founder of MDR Foundation. Kundhan is a B.Com student of Government degree college, it’s his 28th Pencil Portrait Drawing.

He says the reason behind this inspirational portrait is the kind of charitable services provided by the Devendar and MDR foundation during the hardship of the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Kundhan has been witnessing the situations and struggles the city has been facing since the COVID times and the former Sarpanch and his Foundation’s contributions towards the Patancheru Constituency. Devendar has helped with the isolation facilities for the affected people in the city. They were provided with the required medication, food, and shelter for the immigrated labor. I have seen the way victims’ dead bodies were thrown by their families, but, the responsibility they took for unknown and orphan casualties and cremation service for the dead ones was shown the left out humankind, says Kundhan.

While kundhan visits the MDR Foundation to present his creativity as an expression of respect, Devendar appreciates the art the boy desires and wished him to achieve great heights in life. Coincidently, it was kundhan’s birthday the foundation honored and blessed him. The moment was blissful with the presence of Madhu, Chief Secretary of MDR; Nagasani Jagadeesh Mudiraj, and other local people.

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