Columbia’s College Bowl Team Is Heading to the Finals Next Week

Shomik Ghose (SEAS’23), Tamarah Wallace (CC’22), and Jake Fisher (SEAS’22) make up the Columbia team advancing to the finals against USC in the newly revived Capital One College Bowl quiz show on NBC.

The Lions will face off against the Trojans next week in the FINAL of the newly revived Capital One College Bowl quiz show on NBC. Shomik Ghose (SEAS’23), Tamarah Wallace (CC’22), and Jake Fisher (SEAS’22) will represent Columbia once more on Tuesday, September 7, at 10 p.m. in the finals against the University of Southern California.

You may remember earlier this year we profiled Ghose, Wallace, and Fisher as they began their journey. We also looked back at Columbia’s history competing in the historic College Bowl quiz show.

Last week, on August 24, our Columbians dug themselves out of an early hole against Auburn (down at one point over 200 points) to come back and win the semi-final 735-695. You can watch the full episode here.

On Tuesday, August 31, USC faced off against Alabama, with USC emerging triumphant and prepared to take on Columbia in the final.

Don’t forget to tune in on September 7, to cheer on our Lions!

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