Commemorative volumes to mark centenary celebrations released

Aligarh: Two books in the English and Urdu languages linked to the history of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and providing glimpse into the fascinating aspects of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s persona were today released by the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) Registrar, Mr Abdul Hamid (IPS).

The commemorative volumes, ‘AMU: The Fount of Muslim Renaissance’ edited by Sir Syed Fellow, Mohd Haris Bin Mansoor and ‘Aligarh Muslim University: Markaz-e-Ilm-o- Danish’, edited by Yasir Ali Khan, research scholar, Department of Sunni Theology, have been released to mark the ongoing eventful centenary celebrations of the university.

These books chronicle the account of important events related to 100 years of AMU through historically attested articles written by stalwarts in the field, said Mr Abdul Hamid during the launch.

Prof A R Kidwai (Director, UGC HRDC) and Dr Faiza Abbasi (Assistant Director, UGC HRDC) who were also present at the release function said that these books are useful for advanced students, researchers and faculty members interested in the history of university buildings, facilities, AMU Students Union, the Scientific Society of the university, Muslim Educational Conference and the university gazettes and periodicals such as the Tahzeeb ul Akhlaq.

Prof A R Kidwai also delivered the opening remarks at the function.

“Since India of the 19th century was characterised by a tectonic shift in the religious and social structure of the country, with efforts by reformers like Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Dayanand Saraswati; it is imperative to produce more and more literature on these great men,” said the editors, M Haris Bin Mansoor and Yasir Ali Khan.

The added: “We have attempted to provide an understanding of the political, social, and theological ferment of Sir Syed’s life time which left its imprint on his works along with the university’s history.”

‘AMU: The Fount of Muslim Renaissance’ features 14 articles. They are A Glorious Journey of Hundred Years (Mohd Haris Bin Mansoor), Story of Glory (Asad Bin Saadat), Women’s Education (Roquiyya Fatima), Blessings of Alma Mater (Khansa Sundus), Aligarh Muslim University Student’s Union (Nimra Ahmad), The Land of Unique Culture and Traditions (Ahmad Zaid), From a Dream to a Reality (Saddam Saikh), A Transitional Journey towards Enlightenment (Md Firoj Ahmmed), The Powerhouse of Awareness (Areeba Shabbir), Co-architect of a Dream (Mohammad Hassan Khan), Dawn of Substantial Renaissance (Tarab Husain), Significance of Sir Syed?s Interfaith ideas in Today’s Word (Abul Subur Kidwai), Sir Syed: A Charismatic Politician (Umar Shabbir Ahsan) and Reincarnation of Sir Syed’s Ideas in 21st Century (Yasir Ahmad).

‘Aligarh Muslim University: Markaz-e-Ilm-o- Danish’ also has 14 articles, which are Aligarh Muslim University ka Sau Saala Safar (Yasir Ali Khan), Aligarh Muslim University ki Kahani Mumtaaz Imarato ki Zubani (Mohd Rizwan Ansari), Taleem-e-Niswa (Sana Naaz), Maadar-e-Darsgaah ki Nawazishein (Sidra Khan), Aligarh Muslim University Talba Union (Mohammad Nouman), Aligarh Tehreek: Khowab se Haqeeqat tak (Nadeem Ali), Tulu-e-Subh-e-nau ka ek Raushanbab (Razia Khatoon), Tajdeed-e-fikr ka Sunehra Aaghaz (Mujeeb Khan), Fikr wa Aagahi ka Chashma-e-Haiwaa (Farukh Lodi), Sahiban-e-Karwan (Abu Bakr Malin), Yahi hai Rakht-e-Safar Meer-e-Karvaan ke liye (Daud Beg), Dastan-e-Ahle Junoon (Mohammad Faiz), Sir Syed ki Siyasi Fikr (Asif Afsar Siddiqui) and Aisa Kuch Karke Chalo Yaan ki Bohot Yaad Raho (Mohd Haris Bin Mansoor).


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