Commissioner inspects Food Processing units in IGC Pulwama


SRINAGAR : Commissioner Food and Drugs Administration, Shakeel Ur Rehman today conducted surprise inspection of various processing units of milk and packaged drinking water in Industrial Growth Centre Pulwama.

Designated Officer, Food Safety Pulwama, Sheikh Zamir Ahmed, accompanied the Commissioner.

During inspection, some processing units were found lacking in house testing facilities while some of the units were found deviating from sanitary and hygienic parameters mandated under FSSA 2006.

Commissioner directed the concerned officers to issue improvement notices in respect of all such units and ensure deviations are rectified within 30 days. He said that in house testing facilities are mandatory for milk and packaged drinking waters units, to ensure their food products meet the quality parameters mandated under FSSA. He asked the food processing units to strictly adhere to the provisions laid down under the law.

Meanwhile, samples of skimmed milk powder and packaged drinking water were sent for analysys.

Commissioner directed all the officers of the department to conduct random inspections particularly of manufacturing and processing units across all the districts of units and ensure that quality food products are manufactured and supplied to consumers.