Competition of works of young specialists and innovators

On April 29, the first selection round of the contest of works by young specialists and rationalizers of Gazprom Energoholding took place at the Karelsky branch of TGC-1 PJSC. 14 projects were submitted for the competition, among which were the projects of graduates of Petrozavodsk State University.
The purpose of the competition is to promote the improvement of production efficiency by stimulating the development of promising and innovative solutions.

Objectives of the competition:

search for youth innovative, promising and rationalization works and projects for subsequent implementation in production;
development of creative youth initiative and support of the desire of young professionals for professional growth;
exchange of experience among young professionals;
identification of the most technically trained young workers for their subsequent enrollment as candidates in the personnel reserve.
To conduct the first selection round, a competition commission was created, which included: chairman Sobakin Alexander Pavlovich, deputy managing director – director of the Karelian branch of “TGC-1”; Deputy Chairman Roman Yuryevich Kartoshkin, Chief Engineer; Deputy Chairman – Irina Borisovna Boriskina, HR Director.

The members of the commission were: the head of the economic department Sosnin Alexander Alexandrovich; Deputy Chief Engineer Vasily Pavlovich Petryaev; Deputy Chief Engineer Gryaznov Aleksey Valerievich; head of the hydrotechnical service Nyukhtikov Vladimir Nikolaevich; Honored Power Engineer of Russia, Honored Worker of RAO “UES of Russia, Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Kazakhstan Semenov Vladimir Nikolaevich; Specialist in labor protection of the 1st category of KSGES Artyom Andreevich Antipin (took part in the competition of MS&R in 2020 and became a diplomat of the 3rd round of the competition). From Petrozavodsk State University a member of the commission was the head of the department of energy supply for enterprises and energy saving of the Physico-Technical Institute of PetrSU Nikolai Aleksandrovich Kuldin.

14 projects were submitted for the competition, among which were the projects of graduates of Petrozavodsk State University:

Nikita Sergeevich Koryat (PetrSU graduate in 2017), a leading engineer of the sector for servicing heat supply facilities of the Heat Engineering Service of the Administration, presented the project “Prospects for the use of biofuels at energy facilities”;
Logunov Roman Dmitrievich (PetrSU graduate in 2019), a lineman for turbine equipment of the 5th grade of the turbine department of the boiler and turbine shop of the Petrozavodsk CHPP, presented for the competition the work “Reconstruction of the heating circuit for flanges and pins of the high-pressure cylinder of the PT-60-130 / 13 turbine st. 1 Petrozavodsk CHPP “.
The competition is very interesting and significant, since it allows young specialists already working at the enterprise to develop their professional competencies, promotes career motivation, allows them to express themselves and declare themselves as a promising employee capable of offering non-standard solutions to problems identified in the course of their professional activities.

As a member of the jury, it was very difficult for me to evaluate the submitted projects, since all of them were carried out at a high professional level, moreover, the projects were evaluated according to several criteria:

The quality of the presentation and performance of the competitor;
Relevance and validity of the problem;
The effectiveness of the solution;
Timing and planning for the implementation of the proposed solution;
The scale of replication of project implementation algorithms at the facilities of other subsidiaries.
It was pleasant to see that among the contestants there were several recent graduates of the Department of Energy Supply of Enterprises and Energy Saving of Petrozavodsk State University. It is very gratifying that the guys continue to engage in research activities, having already left the walls of the Alma Mater and found themselves in the profession. I would like to wish them further success and self-realization.

It should be noted that both works of PetrSU graduates passed to the second round (semi-final) of the competition, which will be held in June – August 2021 at the TGC-1 Administration. I wish all the participants who made it to the semifinals success in the presentation of their projects and further professional and career growth.

I would like to express my gratitude to the management of the Karelsky branch of PJSC TGC-1 for the invitation to participate in the jury and hope for further fruitful cooperation in training personnel for the country’s energy industry,

– the head of the department of energy supply of enterprises and energy saving, Nikolai Aleksandrovich Kuldin , shared his impressions .

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