Complex expedition of PetrSU – to Yushkozero

On June 7, the expeditionary group reached the territory of the ancient Karelian village of Yushkozero.
Yushkozero residents warmly welcomed scientists and students of PetrSU to work together in the local school and the House of Culture.

The director of the Yushkozersk secondary school, Stepanova Ulyana Nikolaevna, conducted a fascinating excursion around the village for the expedition members and organized meetings with the local population for work.

Senior lecturer of the Baltic-Finnish Philology Department of the Institute of Philology Svetlana Valerievna Korobeinikova held a conversation on the topic “Ethno-cultural aspect in teaching the Karelian language”, and then organized a study on the topic “Motivation to study the Karelian language in the Kalevala region”.

Associate Professor of the Department of Economics of the Institute of Economics and Law Ivan Petrovich Konev delivered a lecture “Preserving human capital within the framework of National Projects”, after which a heated discussion of economic problems and a questionnaire survey on the research topic took place.

Students of the Department of Tourism Anastasia Naumovich, Olga Vasilyeva, Yana Pugacheva, under the guidance of teacher Dmitrieva Tatyana Sergeevna, conducted an interactive lesson “Tourism in the Arctic” with schoolchildren, after which they talked with future applicants about the prospects of studying at PetrSU.

Associate Professor of the Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences, Head of the Research Laboratory of Local and Microhistory of Karelia Irina Aleksandrovna Chernyakova gave a lecture “The ancient history of Yushkozero based on documentary sources”, which aroused genuine interest among local ethnographers.

Irina Igoshina, a second-year student of the “Social work” direction, also worked in the Yushkozersk detachment, practicing in a sociological survey and interviewing respondents. The program plan for educational, career guidance and research activities has been fully implemented.

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