Conference “Karelia through the Eyes of Scientists 2020”: about regional research in the online format

PetrSU hosted the II republican conference with international participation “Karelia through the eyes of scientists 2020”, organized by Gumpark.
The conference has no analogues in Russian scientific practice. On one site, she gathers representatives of scientific, educational, public organizations and cultural institutions to discuss the results of research activities in the study of Karelia

This year the conference was held online on the ZOOM platform. More than 50 people from Petrozavodsk, Kem, Kurkiyiki, Vyborg and Moscow became its participants and listeners. The program consisted of three sections: “Social sciences in the study of Karelia”, “Philological sciences in the study of Karelia”, round table “Peter the Great and his era in the historical memory of the peoples of Karelia”.

The Vice-Rector for Research V.S. Syunev and director of Gumpark I.M. Suvorov . They wished the participants productive work and interesting discussions.

The plenary session was opened by the report of Doctor of Biological Sciences L.A. Sergienko , dedicated to the Arctic coastal ecosystems. Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences N.V. Dorshakova spoke about the factors that shape the health of the population of the republic. The topic of health preservation was continued by the report of Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences T.A. Karapetyan, which dealt with Karelia as a biogeochemical province. These are territories on the surface of the Earth, which differ in the content of chemical elements in soils and waters. Certain biological reactions from the local flora and fauna are associated with a lack or excess of elements, which affect human health. The plenary session was completed by the report of Professor, Doctor of Culturology I.M. Suvorova, whose focus was the question of the peculiarities of the value sphere of the inhabitants of the Karelian Arctic.

The section “Social Sciences in the Study of Karelia” brought together historians, sociologists, political scientists, teachers and museum staff on one platform. Associate Professor of the Institute of the History of Political and Social Sciences (IIPSN) I.A. Chernyakova shared her experience of participation of the Research Laboratory of Local and Microhistory of Karelia in the work on the interdisciplinary project “Karelian Pomorie: Vocabulary and Onomastics (XVI-XXI centuries)” . Senior Lecturer at the Department of Sociology and Social Work E.N. Luzgina analyzed how the labor values ​​of the population are formed. The research was based on the data of the expedition to the Sheltozero rural settlement. V.E. Kantor, an employee of the Kizhi Museum-Reserve, and N.А. Savolainen,head of the studio – fashion design “Tradition and Modernity” MOU “Petrovsky Palace”, presented the practice of reconstructing women’s costume of the late XIX – early XX centuries. A lively discussion among the participants was caused by the reports of the associate professor of IIPSN E.Yu. Tsumarova about the national policy of Karelia and graduate student of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology E.I. Ropotina, dedicated to the financial literacy of schoolchildren in the region.

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