Conference “Physical Culture and Sports: Research, Discoveries, Best Practices”

The Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism hosted an annual conference for students of general education organizations of basic general and (or) secondary general and special education of the Republic of Karelia “Physical culture and sports: research, discoveries, best practices”.
The conference was organized by the Department of Theory and Methods of Physical Education and was held online on the ZOOM platform.

The conference was attended by students of the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, teachers and schoolchildren of Gymnasium No. 17, Shokshinskaya secondary school, Essoil secondary school, Rabocheostrovsk secondary school, secondary school No. 35 in Petrozavodsk, Petrozavodsk Pedagogical College.

С приветственным словом к участникам конференции обратилась модератор конференции заведующий кафедрой теории и методики физического воспитания Института физической культуры, спорта и туризма, к.п.н., доцент Л.М. Киэлевяйнен и профессор, д.ист.н. Е.А. Калинина.

Reports were presented on the following topics: “Implementation of the TRP and BSTO complexes in the Pryazhinsky region of the Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in the pre-war period (1931-1941)”, “TRP and BSTO complexes in 1946-2020: flourishing, oblivion, revival”, “Karelian game “Kyukkya” in Pryazhinsky district: history and modernity “, ” Orienteering as an interesting and useful form of leisure for modern schoolchildren “,” The influence of physical culture and sports on ODA. socialization of youth, sports and asocial behavior of youth “.

Associate Professor of the Department, Candidate of Psychological Sciences V.P. Umnov addressed the participants with recommendations for organizing and conducting further research.

All reports aroused interest and were actively discussed by the conference participants. All participants were awarded certificates.

We thank the students and their mentors for participating in conferences and competitions of the department, noted the organizers of the conference.

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