Constitution Day at AMU


Aligarh : Faculty members, students and non-teaching staff of the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) joined the President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind live, in reading the Preamble of the Constitution to mark the Constitution Day.

They also reaffirmed commitment towards democratic ideals and values enshrined in the Constitution through awareness speeches and other events.

At the Begum Azeezun Nisa Hall, residential hostel for female students, Prof Subuhi Khan (Provost) administered the pledge to abide with the belief of social, economic and political justice; liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; equality of status and of opportunity and to promote fraternity for the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation.

She pointed out: “Our Constitution stands out in myriad ways as a flexible, detailed and practical document—declaring India as a sovereign, socialist, secular and democratic republic.

Rabab Khan (Accommodation Warden) highlighted the Constitutional values for laying down the framework of the political code, structure, procedure, powers and the duties of the Government Bodies in her lecture on ‘The Constitution of India: A Privileged Document’.

A documentary on the making of the Constitution was also screened on the occasion. All wardens and staff members of the Hall attended the programme.

Prof Nishat Fatima (AMU Librarian) spoke on the importance of the Constitution and read the Preamble to mark the occasion at the Maulana Azad Library.

“All Library staff joined the President of India, live, in reading the Preamble of the Constitution”, said the librarian.

At the Department of Arabic, Prof Faizan Ahmad (Chairman) elaborated the role of Dr B R Ambedkar, who chaired the drafting committee of the Constitution and spoke on the importance of upholding the principles enshrined in the Constitution.

Prof Sami Akhter expressed views on the role of the Constitution in preventing anarchy by guaranteeing equal rights to all citizens, Prof Tasneem Kauser Qureshi shed light on gender equality and equal treatment for all in the public life, Prof Ghulam Mursaleen (Superannuated faculty member, Department of West Asian Studies) spoke on various aspects of the Indian Constitution, Dr Arafat Zafar discussed the vision of the intellectuals who drafted the Constitution, Dr Shabbir Ahmad stressed the need to spread awareness about the content and clauses in the Constitution and Dr Syed Ali Hur Kamoonpuri read Preamble and administered the pledge.

The occasion was marked at the Department of Commerce with the Chairman, Prof Nawab Ali Khan’s speech on the ‘Importance of the Constitution Day’ in which he urged the faculty members, students and non-teaching staff to implement the purpose of the Constitution.

Prof Mohd Wasim Ali (AMU Proctor) delineated supremacy of the judiciary in the protection of rights and duties of the citizens.

Dr Syed Ali Nawaz Zaidi (Associate professor, Department of Law) spoke on the role of the Constitution in maintaining peace and harmony.

In the concluding remarks, Dr Naghma Azhar said that this day is a reminder of fundamental rights and duties. She coordinated the programme with Dr Aslam Khan and Dr Almas Sultana.

Prof Naseem Ahmad Khan (Chairman, Department of Social Work) read the Preamble and administered the pledge to affirm faith in the universal principle of a civilised society and to abide by the Constitutional values in the Constitution Day celebrations at the Department of Social Work.

Dr Mohammad Tahir, Dr Qurratul Aien Ali, Dr Mohd Arif Khan, Dr Shyna Saif, Dr Andleeb, Dr Mohd Uzair, Dr Sameera Khanam, research scholars and non-teaching staff of the department attended the event.

Teachers, students and non-teaching staff of the Ahmadi School for the Visually Challenged attended the live streaming of the Preamble reading by the President of India.

Dr Naghma Farooqui (Department of Political Science) discussed constitutional values, fundamental rights and duties in an online talk during a webinar of the Women’s College to mark the occasion.

Prof Naima Gulrez (Principal, Women’s College) said that it is imperative to raise awareness among masses on the rights and duties.

“A Quiz competition on ‘Constitution of India’ was also held in which students Sagar (Class X), Haider Ali (Class IX), Essuddin (Class X) and Basit (Class IX) emerged as winners; while Preeti (Class X) and Ghulam Mohinuddin (Class IX) were the joint runner-ups”, said Dr Naila Rashid (Principal).

Dr Naila added: “A Flag Day to promote communal harmony was held with Bharti Yadav (Class V) and Laiba (Class VII), and Preeti (Class X) as presenters. Students also wrote stories on communal harmony”.

Teachers, Dr Bushra Abbasi, Niaz Ahmad Khan and Sirajuddin Shaikh were instrumental in organising various events at the school.


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