Consumption of Oral Liposomal Vitamin C combats Covid-19 states recent study


Chennai : As per the recent study published by Indian Journal Of Basic And Applied Medical Research, high dose oral Liposomal Vitamin-C in COVID-19 patients, it has been concluded that the high dose of oral Liposomal Vitamin-C is recommended to use as an adjunct therapy to combat Covid-19 and other infection.


The research was conducted on five parameters: outcome of high dose Oral Liposomal Vitamin-C in COVID-19 patients; role of high dose Oral Liposomal Vitamin-c in reducing mortality in Covid-19 patients; cytokine storm and high dose Liposomal Vitamin-C in Covid-19; effect of Vitamin-C in anxiety & depression cases and Role of Vitamin-C in reducing morbidity in Covid-19 patients. The conclusion stated that addition of high dose oral vitamin c reduces morality by half which is very significant in pandemic. Results showed that vitamin C reduced anxiety levels and led to higher plasma vitamin C concentration.


Commenting on Mirakle’s efficiency, Dr. Manickam Mahalingam, Chairman and Managing Director, ABT Limited, states, “Vitamin C has proved to be beneficial for COVID patients by helping with body immunity and aiding recovery. Post our thorough research and development of over 18 years, we created a liposomal Vitamin-C drink to help people treat deficiency disorders and promote holistic approach to become healthy. In 2020, 24000 patients received Mirakle at ESI Hospital, Coimbatore as a part of its COVID treatment plan. At ESI Hospital, studies were conducted there over 4 months on 400 COVID-19 Positive patients with their consent to understand impact of high dose of Vitamin C given via Liposomal Vitamin C drink and Vitamin-C tablets. And the results were very favourable.”


Dr. K Arul, Chief Medical Officer, Mirakle Wellness Clinic, states, “In line with the vision to create a natural way to heal diseases, Mirakle Wellness Clinic is a specialized clinic which offers treatment for health issues like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, auto-immune diseases, etc. through complementary treatment methods that offers innovative solutions without side effects by treating the root cause at the cellular level. It tends to their patients through services such as – Medical Ozone Therapy, High Dose Vitamin C, Hyperbaric Ozone, Chelation Therapy, External Counter Pulsation (ECP), Functional Medicine Consultation to name a few. Treatment to boost immunity and support overall recovery post viral and infectious diseases, they use high dose of Oral Liposomal Vitamin C in the form of Mirakle which has been approved by FSSAI.”


Mirakle, an immunity boosting health drink with Liposomal Vitamin-C, Lysine and Proline buffered with Phospholipids in a special process ensures optimal absorption of the nutrients and supports overall wellbeing of an individual. Mirakle has the highest density of Vitamin-C delivered in a liposomal method for highest absorption rate and efficiency. As concluded in the studies, Vitamin C enhances one’s resistance and fight off various diseases. Mirakle has many other benefits for hair, skin, heart, metabolism, immunity, & muscles. It continues to be looked at as holistic health drink for people’s everyday nutrition.


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