Containment strategy for Covid-19 control released

Bhopal : In view of the high infectivity of Covid-19 in the state, the state government has implemented a containment strategy for fast control over the disease. According to the directive issued by Health Commissioner Shri Faiz Ahmed Kidwai, due to the outbreak of this epidemic reflected in clusters or settlements of infected persons, complete preparation is important and necessary to break the chain of infection. Instructions have been issued on the basis of the guidelines of the Government of India for control in large outbreaks. It will be necessary to formulate a cluster control strategy by demarking the control area as per instructions, identify Covid-19 case, investigate contact persons, isolate identified, suspected and confirmed cases and apprise the community about social distancing and risk including medical care.

Under the Containment Strategy, arrangements will be made to ensure continuity of necessary resources and services in the control area, to develop a list of people who move for them in the area and follow up. All people will have to be given chemo prophylactic doses of hydroxy chloroquine as per medical advice. Protocol prescribed according to the symptoms of the person affected by Corona infection should be followed. Along with getting all suspects tested in the laboratory, necessary psychological advice will also be provided to them. Instructions have also been given to manage bio-medicine waste as per protocol.

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