Conversation about design and construction work

Students of the Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences met with a representative of the construction company Nova LLC.
4th year students of the direction of training “Pedagogical Education” (profiles of the direction: “Geography and Economics) of the Department of Geosciences and Geotechnology met with a representative of one of the large construction companies of the North-West LLC” Nova “Z.A. Voronin, who is also an external employee of the Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences and teaches disciplines related to project activities and building materials.

Zakhar Andreevich spoke about his scientific and entrepreneurial experience, about the company, about participation in construction projects, about the main stages of design and construction work for the construction of various housing objects.

The questions asked by the students related to the architecture of buildings, energy conservation issues, facilities that were designed and built by the company, employment opportunities in the company.

As an entrepreneur and as a teacher, Z.A. Voronin emphasized the need for students’ independence and activity in any undertaking, even in studies, even in work,

– said the organizer of the meeting, associate professor N.B. Polevshchikova.

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