Cooperation between PetrSU and Kostomuksha

Within the framework of cooperation between Petrozavodsk State University and the monotown of Kostomuksha in the field of entrepreneurship development in border areas on the basis of the Business Center of Kostomuksha within the framework of the project of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program “Cross-border investment navigator for single-industry towns” / CINNAMON (KA 4032), an intensive training “Art of Presentation investment projects “, which was coached by the famous business coach Victoria Shukhat (Moscow).
Thanks to a number of interactive trainings with her participation, previously conducted within the framework of projects of the Karelia Cross-Border Cooperation Program of Petrozavodsk State University, Victoria Shukhat is already well known in the business community of Karelia.

The event was attended by about 20 representatives of beginning and existing entrepreneurs of the Kostomuksha city district, as well as employees of the KGO Administration and deputies of the KGO council. On behalf of PetrSU, it was attended by university staff working on this project – E.G. Druzhinina, A.Yu. Posudnevsky, M.N. Utitsyna, M.V. Moroshkin.

Before the start of the training, the participants were greeted by Elena Mikhailovna Soboleva, Chairman of the Council of the Kostomuksha City District, who emphasized the importance and necessity of holding educational events for the business community of Kostomuksha, and Zoya Vasilyevna Bubnova, Head of the Economic Development Department of the KGO. In her opening remarks, she invited entrepreneurs to active cooperation for the joint implementation of business ideas and projects, and also emphasized the availability of benefits and preferences, as well as the benefits of other support measures for enterprises of monotowns and residents of the Arctic zone, which includes the city of Kostomuksha.

A day earlier, on October 7, within the framework of an information and presentation session organized by the SOCCER / KA8002 project, entrepreneurs from Kostomuksha presented a number of socially significant business ideas in the field of creative industries, education, tourism, etc., recognized by business experts of the CINNAMON project potentially promising investment ideas aimed at developing the territory of the KGO, incl. as a monotown.

The training provided an opportunity for participants to gain the skills of a winning presentation of a business idea for potential investors, thereby increasing their competitiveness in the investment market,

– commented the participants.