Cooperation between PetrSU and Lomonosov gymnasium

As part of the implementation of the career guidance plan of PetrSU and the Development Program of the flagship university, teachers of the Department of Philosophy and Culturology of the Institute of Social and Social Sciences took part in the work of the 19th city educational and research conference on the basis of the Lomonosov Gymnasium.
For the first time, the conference was held in absentia, the students sent their work and presentations for the jury’s assessment.

The jury of social science studies included: Elena Ivanovna Dobrovolskaya, Deputy Director for Scientific and Methodological Work of the Lomonosov Gymnasium, Marina Vladimirovna Khotemskaya, Head of the Social Science Ministry of the Lomonosov Gymnasium, Lilia Ivanovna Kabanova, Professor of the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies of the IIPSN and chairman of the jury Anna Mikhailovna Pekina, Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy and Culturology, IIPSN.

Nine works of students from 6th to 11th grades were evaluated.

Feedback from L.I. Kabanova:

I got great pleasure from working on this project, because I saw talented and interested young people, schoolchildren. The level of most of the works meets all the requirements of scientific research. I was especially pleased with the children’s enthusiasm for issues of psychology, as well as their interest in socially significant issues.

One of the topical projects (3rd place) of pupils of class 8 “A” of the MOU “Gymnasium No. 17” Daria Kurdenkova and Yana Goliniya concerned the creation of a photo report about the shelter of homeless animals in Petrozavodsk. The girls wrote in the presentation:

We decided to help the shelter, so every time we went there we bought buckwheat.

In the work “Time management in the life of a schoolchild”, while substantiating the relevance of the topic, it was emphasized that “… in the year of exams, children more than ever need to gather their strength, plan time in order to increase the effectiveness of their activities.” The researcher not only conducted a survey among schoolchildren, but also conducted a time management lesson for ninth-graders of the Lomonosov gymnasium. ”

Nikita Kaunnikov (1st place), 10th grade cadet PPKU, while writing the work “Mechanisms of psychological defense”, studied special literature on psychology, mechanisms of psychological defense, conducted a study of 5th-year cadets and school workers on the basis of the Petrozavodsk Presidential Cadet School in 2020, and also developed booklet based on questionnaires.

In the category “For the relevance of the research” the experts voted for the work “Professional self-determination of a schoolchild”, a 9th grade student of the Lomonosov Gymnasium, Ilona Koryukhina.

A great methodological and organizational support for all the works presented was provided by D.V. Brusnitsyna, L.V. Zyabkin, I.K. Ilsetskaya, M.V. Kovalenko, T.M. Makarova, M.V. Hotemskaya.