Cooperation of PetrSU with the Administration of the Segezha District

In the administration of the Segezhsky municipal district, the director of the MRRC of PetrSU in Segezha, Elena Yurievna Guseva, met with the Head of the Administration of the Segezhsky municipal district Marina Leonidovna Guseva, the deputy head of the administration for social and economic issues of the Segezhsky municipal district Svetlana Olegovna Makhmutova, the head of the economic development department of the administration of the Segezhsky municipal district – Olga Alekseevna Rautanen.
E.Yu. Guseva presented a report on the implementation of PetrSU activities in the Segezha region for 2020 within the framework of cooperation and implementation of the flagship university development program.

During 2020, 39 activities of the Roadmap were completed, including 30 events in remote and online form due to restrictions in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

Of particular importance were the projects: “Implementation of the training program for the Segezha Group”, “Day of the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of PetrSU in Segezha”, “Open master class in Sambo in Segezha under the leadership of I.R. Shegelman”, “Career Day “Elevator to the future” organized by Segezha Group for students of PetrSU “,” Preparation of sketches of landscape projects for the project of Segezha “People’s budget”, “Youth voluntary patriotic action” Onega landing “in the Segezha district”, “Project mobile school”, career guidance on-line classes, conducted by the directors of the Institutes of PetrSU, for students of the district.

For informational coverage and support of the “Road Map” events in regional media, on regional websites, the PetrSU website and in social networks, 97 publications were prepared and posted.

The total number of participants in all events in the region was 1265 people. 547 teachers, staff and students of PetrSU took part in the preparation, organization and conduct of events in the district.

E.Yu. Gusev presented letters of thanks from the rector of PetrSU to the head of the administration of the Segezhsky district M.L. Guseva, Deputy Head of the Segezha District Administration for Social and Economic Issues – S.O. Makhmutova, head of the economic development department of the administration of the Segezha region – O.A. Rautanen.

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