Cooperation with the Kalevala region is in force

Within the framework of cooperation between PetrSU and the Kalevala National Municipal District, in the village of Borovoy, the director of the Interdistrict Resource Center of PetrSU in Kostomuksha Elena Yurievna Guseva met with the residents of the village.
E.Yu. Guseva spoke about the work of the Interdistrict Resource Center of PetrSU in Kostomuksha, about the measures taken in the Kalevala National District.

The meeting was attended by teachers of the Borovsk secondary school (SOSh), employees of the Borovsk rural library-museum and everyone else.

Together with the residents of the village, Elena Guseva discussed the results of the events, paying special attention to working with the school in Borovoe: webinars, quizzes, online lectures and consultations of teachers on various subjects. And also, a special event – the transfer for use of the resuscitation and diagnostic simulator “Vitim – 2-08 U No. 6” for organizing and conducting classes on life safety, first aid trainings for students of the Borovsk secondary school.

According to the residents of Borovoe, all the events of PetrSU were of great importance, but I especially remembered and really liked the event “Workshop of the Word in the Kalevala District”. The event was held by PetrSU in a remote format and was able to unite the younger and older generations.

Among those present at the meeting with E.Yu. Guseva was a resident of the village of Malitskaya Alevtina Nikolaevna, a poetess, author of poems about Karelia. Alevtina Nikolaevna asked to continue creative activities and invited to the village Svetlana Olegovna Zakharchenko, associate professor, candidate of philological sciences, member of the Union of Russian Writers, member of the library council of the Scientific Library of PetrSU, to hold a creative meeting with the residents of the village and an educational lesson with students at the local school.

At the end of the meeting, the deputy director for educational work of the Borovsk secondary school M.N. Karnaukh presented E.Yu. Guseva a letter of thanks from the director of the Borovsk secondary school M.L. Nut and noted:

The events with PetrSU turned out to be extremely interesting and useful. We will take the provided methodological material into work with children. Many thanks from all Borovchan! We look forward to continuing our joint work with PetrSU!


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