Cooperation with the sister city of Tubingen

The Institute of Foreign Languages ​​hosted a student project competition “Famous People from Tubingen”, dedicated to the sister city in Germany.
The competition was organized by the Department of German and French Languages ​​of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​of PetrSU. The competition was supported by the West-East Society (Germany, Tübingen) and the Goethe-Institute.

The Institute of Foreign Languages ​​has been carrying out fruitful cooperation with the West-East Society for many years, thanks to which various cultural, social and regional projects have been carried out both in Petrozavodsk and in the German twin city. Under these conditions, in the absence of opportunities for real internships and trips to Germany, it was decided to continue cooperation in the virtual space.

The project “Famous people from Tubingen” was attended by the 2nd year students of the Institute of Foreign Languages, studying in the direction of training “Pedagogical Education”, profiles “German and English”. During the spring semester, students worked on the project individually or in mini-groups, collecting information about the people who made Tübingen famous at different times. The final product of the project activity was either a short report in German with a presentation, or a Digital Story, also prepared in a foreign language. The form of the presentation and the personality to which this presentation was dedicated were chosen by the students themselves. During the competition, the project participants were able to fully demonstrate their erudition and creativity, show the level of knowledge of the German language and multimedia tools. During presentations and digital stories, students talked about prominent representatives of Tübingen (Hermann Hesse and Walter Jens, poets Friedrich Hölderlin, Albert Knapp and Eduard Mörike, German feminist, politician Matilda Weber, rector of the University of Tübingen Konrad Lange) and other famous personalities trace in the history of the city. Despite the technical difficulties that arose that affected the duration of the event, all the contestants managed to convey the prepared information to the audience at a high level.

The jury, which included the director of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​I.V. Krenev, head. Department of German and French languages ​​I.A. Kotyurova, Associate Professor of the Department of German and French Languages ​​E.N. Vorotilina, as well as from the German side the chairman of the West-East Society Lilia Künstle and a member of the Society Alena Trenina, after evaluating the answers according to the criteria put forward, unanimously awarded the following places:

1st place: Kirill Nekrasov, Elizaveta Obukhova (Digital Story about K. Lange).

2nd place: Konstantin Kuznetsov (Digital Story about A. Knapp).

3rd place: Karina Sukhova, Polina Hotareva (Digital Story about V. Jens),

Zlata Sotnikova, Ekaterina Zakharova (Digital Story about E. Kosheriu).

Here’s what students said about the competition:

Evgeny Lebed:

The event was informative and informative, all presentations and videos about personalities turned out to be interesting. There was not a single work that could not captivate the audience with its material. Plus, it can be noted that it was not just a conference, but a competition, and that a truly competitive atmosphere was felt.

Zakharova Ekaterina:

The aim of the event, which was to raise the students’ attention to the life of the sister city of Tubingen, was fulfilled; the contestants explored the works and life paths of famous personalities associated with Tübingen, and also got the opportunity to creatively design and present their works.

Lilia Künstle, member of the jury:

The event was very informative, eventful live, active exchange of experience on the stated topic between students. Emotionally, the competition was very soulful and humane. This was felt in the attitude of both speakers and listeners.

Thanks to such events, you understand that everything we do is needed by someone, and I am sure that each of the participants received answers to their questions and ground for thought. Thank you! I was inspired for further fruitful work.

Awarding of the winners of the competition will take place in the bureau of the Karelian regional public organization “Friendship Society” Petrozavodsk – Tubingen “, which is the official representative of the Society” West-East “in the city of Petrozavodsk.


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