Core Peeling a Self-assisted Technology Aided Methodology Introduced in India

New Delhi: Experts estimate that the human mind produces an average of 2500 – 3,300 thoughts per hour and around 60,000 to 90,000 per day. These thoughts are created at a relative level by engaging with the data which is already stored in brain.People while dealing with their day to problems and issues, deal with this data or information at a very relative level.Most of the times this may lead to superficial solutions to one’s problems, at a relative level, further leading to decisions which are influenced and compromised due to less understanding of self.

Achal Sharma, Coach & Author, CorePeelers informed that Corepeeling is an experiential Methodology that helps one to dig deeper into his problems to find the real reasons and solutions for desired result. This methodology De-layers, Discovers, and De-Codes the lost Core within an individual and empowers an individual to be productive, stronger in all facets of his existence and be less dependant on others.

Technology-based proprietary smart tools created by CorePeelers are designed to help individuals identify the real issue and reasons thereof, along with their related solutions. The tools further help the individual to arrive at an action plan and aid him or her to keep a track of this action plan step by step. CorePeelers has made these tools for Students, Individuals, and Professionals. Business organizations and individuals can also benefit hugely by using these self-assisted technological tools to achieve desired results.

Further Achal Sharma, Coach & Author, Corepeelers informed that CorePeelers also has a 10-week experiential online program, which enables an individual to understand his own body, mind and core. This experiential course has been created by some global practitioners who have been assisting their clients, from across the globe for years on self-empowerment. This course also provides an opportunity to earn, as the individuals who complete this course subsequently become mentors to the program. CorePeelers is already making efforts to take this course to all segments of the society and help in empowering people at large.

Achal Sharma (AC), who has devised this methodology has also authored a book – ‘CorePeelers – a journey to your core’ which details out this methodology. The book is already making lot of noise on Amazon worldwide. AC mentions that the related online program of CorePeeling is a self-exploring experiential program divided in to three parts:

Understand your body and mind: This section deals with making one identify the influencing layers, and understand the alignment between body and mind.

Engage with your body and mind: A subtle shift from understanding to engaging with your body, mind using your energy flow system is dealt in the second section.

Connect and empower your core: This section takes the practitioner to the deeper realms of connecting with their core and empowering it.

CorePeelers is the only organization which is tirelessly working to create more such self-help technology aided tools which are focused to add value in daily lives of millions of people, as it believes that technology is a great enabler to empower people to achieve desired results.