Cornell Sathguru Foundation along with PJTSAU and Aurobindo Pharma foundation conduct training programme


Hyderabad: Cornell Sathguru Foundation for Development ( CSFD ) in association with PJTSAU and financial partner as Aurobindo Pharma foundation has organized a training programme on creating awareness on food and nutrition for kitchen garden women beneficiaries in the villages of Panyal and Badampet of Hathnoora Mandal in Sangareddy dist.

Dr.Jyothsna Assistant prof. Community foods & science dept. PJTSAU has facilitated the training and explained how nutrition can improve the quality of life for the women and their families. She also explained that lot of focus has been given to the food products having additional nutritional benefits, rather than conventional products.

Dr. Jyotsna mentioned that processing of the vegetables & greens can extend their shelf life and also makes available during rest of the year. Preservation of vegetables by processing not only involves the inhibition of microbial growth but also preserves their color, texture, flavor and nutritive value. The vegetables can be processed into different forms to extend their shelf life such as powders, grits, and flakes. The uses of these powders are unlimited and they can be used to prepare processed products as well as for culinary purposes.

Women beneficiaries were participated and were sharing their reflections on various ways of using greens and vegetables.

Ms. Raja Rajeswari, Associate Vice president, CSFD along with Ms. Dhara, Program coordinator, Mr. Ramakrishna, Project officer, Ms. Suvarna, coordinator from CSFD & Ms. Swetha Village Surpanch, women beneficiaries participated.