Cornell University: Delco to be next Harry M. Zweig Assistant Research Professor in Equine Health

In recognition of her dedication to extending the healthy lifespan of horses and improving their quality of life, Michelle Delco ’98, D.V.M. ’02, Ph.D. ’16, has been named the next Harry M. Zweig Assistant Research Professor in Equine Health. This is a three-year, endowed position for a junior faculty member at the College of Veterinary Medicine who shows great promise for advancing equine research.

“Dr. Delco is an accomplished and highly valued member of our college community,” said Dr. Susan Fubini, senior associate dean for academic affairs and professor in large animal surgery. “Her research program is on a tremendous upward trajectory, and its focus on equine joint disease and osteoarthritis aligns well with the objectives of the Zweig Memorial Fund.”

Delco is a board-certified large animal surgeon and assistant research professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences whose time spent in clinical practice treating equine athletes for sports injuries has motivated her to discover new ways to treat and prevent osteoarthritis.

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