Cornell University: Zoo and Wildlife Society hosts first Wildlife Conservation Day

Cornell’s Zoo and Wildlife Society (ZAWS) hosted its first Wildlife Conservation Day Feb. 26, a one-day symposium devoted to education and training for students with an interest in non-domestic species. The event featured speakers at the forefront of their respective fields, with topics ranging from genetic introgression in Florida panthers to aquaculture’s place in sustainably producing seafood.

This symposium also marked an opportunity for ZAWS and the broader community to gather in person, a first in over two years. The event drew approximately 100 attendees, including many College of Veterinary Medicine students, Cornell undergraduates and Ph.D. students. Student-led from start to finish, the day was designed to bring the conservation community together in the name of education and inspiration.

“Wildlife Conservation Day really cemented my desire to have a career in the conservation realm, and it was great to see the diverse contributions being made by researchers and veterinarians at various stages of their careers,” said undergraduate student David Dayan ’23. “I was inspired to think that I could make an impact not only in my eventual career but also as I journey into this field.”

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