COVID-19 and its impact on India’s female workforce

In the sixth episode of the IIMB Podcast Series on September 27th, Prof. Hema Swaminathan, from the Centre for Public Policy at IIMB, shares her insights on how the pandemic has deepened the gender imbalance in the country

Bengaluru: The sixth episode of the IIMB Podcast series, on September 27th, will feature a conversation with Prof. Hema Swaminathan, from the Centre for Public Policy at IIM Bangalore, on how the gender imbalance in Indian has been exacerbated due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted business, government, and society across the world. The female workforce, especially in India, has been disproportionately hurt by the pandemic’s fallout, with data brought out by different surveys highlighting that the percentage of job losses due to the pandemic is greater for the female workforce as compared to that of the male workforce. In this episode of the podcast, Prof. Swaminathan discusses various new challenges that India’s female workforce is facing due to the pandemic, and how business, government and society can help to reduce the adversities of this crisis and bridge the gender gap that has deepened as a result of the pandemic.

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The Communications Office and the Student Media Cell of IIM Bangalore launched the IIMB Podcast Series on July 12th, 2020. The podcast series aims to become a platform to discuss the latest business, economic, management, and social issues that matter. The Podcast series, which will run twice a month – on the second and fourth Sunday – will witness IIM Bangalore fraternity, including but not limited to the faculty members, alumni and students, provide their insights and perspectives on the topics and issues that surround us.


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