Covid 19 lead to an increase of Cyber Trafficking: Dr Sunitha Krishnan

New Delhi: Padma Shri awardee, Dr Sunitha Krishnan, Founder of Prajwala shared her journey as the most prominent social activists of the country and her experience of rescuing over 33,000 survivors of sex trafficking which makes her NGO Prajwala the largest anti-trafficking shelter in the world. “If we really want to bring change, it cannot happen only with the government support but each one of us needs to take responsibility of our actions. We are the one who can bring the change in the society by the upbringing of our coming generation” said Dr Krishnan at the ‘Eminent Women Series’ of FLO, the Women’s Wing of FICCI.

Dr Krishnan said, “Before the pandemic there were around 40% of the girl child sold by their family members which has now increased to 65%”.

“Cyber trafficking has a different face, unlike offline trafficking. Emotional exclusion and a sense of not having anybody to discuss things could also lead to cyber trafficking. It’s not just economic disadvantages but caste and community which are the vulnerability factor for the trafficking in India”, She further said.

FLO President, Jahnabi Phookan said, “Dr. Krishnan is a fearless woman & a real life hero. She has been threatened & stopped countless times, but no one could break her inner strength & power of her mind, I really want to salute you on your success”.

“We at FLO would be keen to take up the sensitization program for the boys during the upcoming series on online program, starting from 14 September”, added Ms Phookan.

Riya Chhabra, Chairperson, FICCI FLO Indore Chapter was the Day Chair for the event.



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