COVID Vaccination does not cause ADE: Dr. S. Muhammad Salim Khan

Srinagar: Terming Covid vaccine safe, Professor and HOD, Community Medicine, Government Medical College (GMC), Srinagar, Dr. S. Muhammad Salim Khan today said that the vaccine does not cause Antibody- dependent Enhancement (ADE).

Rebutting the news item spread in the name of French Virologist and Noble Prize Laureate, Luc Montagnier as hypothetical presumptions, Dr. Khan said that people should not pay heed to such fake news.

He said that over 180 crore doses of COVID vaccines have been given till date worldwide and there is no evidence of Antibody-dependant Enhancement (ADE) reported anywhere in the world.

He said that ADE is an acute condition and its association with COVID vaccines would have definitely caused global concern till date.

Dr. Khan said that during various phases of vaccine trials, no such phenomenon has been reported with any COVID vaccine anywhere and any such apprehension of having ADE causing deaths in near future among COVID vaccine recipients needs a reassurance that COVID Vaccination is safe and there’s no threat of future deaths due to Antibody- dependant Enhancement after receiving COVID vaccines.

He termed the vaccine safe and said instead millions of lives have been saved due to COVID vaccination globally.

Dr. Khan urged people not listen to any person about unforeseen circumstances when there is scientific evidence that COVID vaccines are safe and highly protective against COVID infection and severity.

“ We need to reach out and get every eligible person vaccinated alongside following COVID appropriate behaviour so that there’s no emergence of next COVID wave” he added.


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