Creative Aspirations Starts Operation

New Delhi: The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) estimates that 5.5% of the world’s total economic output is found in copyrights and the creative economy is booming for having doubled from 2002 to 2015 according to a recent UNCTAD report on the subject. There is an insatiable demand for talented people from the creative arts to fill this demand.

Creative Aspirations, an educational consultancy firm, caters exclusively to the needs of students who want to go abroad to pursue their careers in the fields of media and arts including film direction, acting, cinematography, sound designing, animation, graphic designing, game designing, fashion technology, interior designing and more.

Creative Aspirations has been established as first of its kind consultancy which aims to focus not only on helping students prepare for and apply to the best international universities but also to help them build their profile and gain the experience which selective universities look for. The company provides experienced mentors to help the students build an artistic portfolio. They also provide opportunities to learn from internships with their partners from various industry verticals.


The company also has a rich advisory board with experienced people in different fields unlike any other admission and educational consultancy firm.


The company launched its operations on Feb.14th 2021. It is backed by Sheldon E. Wallbrown, Pratima Jaidev and Mahender Reddy. They have a wide breadth of experience in the education sector as well as the creative media and arts industry.


Vision of Creative Aspirations

To bring about a well-informed synergy between students and universities and enable them to achieve their goals and establish their mettle by offering top-notch consultancy services.


Mission of Creative Aspirations

1) To empower students with information and connect them with expertise who will assist them in choosing their creative field and the right education required as the foundation for their careers.


2) To provide customized solutions to foreign and Indian universities who want to enrich the global education experience for students as well academic team(s) and are looking to expand options for students pursuing education in the creative fields.


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