Crimson Access Opportunity Program Paves a Path for Global Academic Pursuits for Indian Students

Chennai: University admissions support consultancy Crimson Education’s program, Crimson Access Opportunity (CAO) recently took on the role of mentoring and guiding Vaasu, a meritorious and ambitious student from India, in his admissions journey to the prestigious Franklin & Marshall College in the US. Vaasu is one of the 55 students selected from around the world to receive free university admissions support as part of the CAO Program and through this support, he has been able to secure a US$300,000 scholarship, from Franklin and Marshall College.
Launched in 2020, the program attempts to provide ambitious, economically disadvantaged students with free access to Crimson’s renowned US admissions support through exemplary guidance at every step of the process. It aims at helping potential students from across the world to stand out in an increasingly competitive application crowd, making sure they get every chance in achieving the success they deserve.
Vaasu’s successful journey to his dream college combines unparalleled academic direction, personalized mentorship and strategy in a dynamic format. His close association with his strategist, application mentor, and essay mentor enabled him to extract the best of his abilities in his endeavours towards academic and professional excellence in computer science and technology.
On his experience with Crimson, Vaasu shares, “The best thing about working with Crimson, were the people – who all really wanted me to succeed! They helped me with their honest opinion and feedback on how I could improve myself academically and showcase my extracurricular profile to its best.”
Students who demonstrate financial need, specifically students whose families can contribute between 10,000 and 30,000 USD towards their education per year, with an impressive academic history and drive, and those who will be in their final year of high school by September 2022, are eligible for the CAO program. Registrations are now open for CAO Program intake for 2022 and will close on 26th March 2022!
Since the time of its launch, CAO students have gained admission to a wide range of colleges including Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, UPenn, Duke, NYU, UChicago, Georgia Tech, Emory, University of Virginia, and more. The 2021-2022 batch of CAO students has already received over 3 million USD in financial support from universities they were accepted in to, setting a benchmark. To know more about Crimson and the prospects of CAO, visit website.

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