Crimson Education to host a Bootcamp for Indian School Counsellors on UK University Admissions

The virtual masterclass will provide insights into securing admissions in Oxford, Cambridge and Medical schools based in United Kingdom.



New Delhi – With the United Kingdom becoming one the most preferred destinations for Indian students seeking higher education in medicine and other disciplines, Crimson Education, World’s Premium Global Admissions Consulting & Advisory is organising the ‘Oxbridge & UK Medical Bootcamp for Indian School Counsellors’ on 23rd-24th July 2021. The two-day virtual masterclass is curated for Indian school counsellors working with high achieving students to deep-dive and gain valuable insights into securing admissions in top UK universities and medical schools including Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

In recent years, the academic level of applicants has risen, and thousands of students are competing for limited places at top UK Universities. The two-day masterclass will provide expert tips and guidance to school counsellors on how to develop a holistic strategy for their students to engage in compelling and unique extracurricular activities and craft an exceptional personal statement for themselves, to crack admissions in these UK-based educational institutions.

Further commenting on this initiative, Kunal Mehra, Country Manager, Crimson Education India said, “We at Crimson Education, believe in the strength of building an empowered community with educators, students and parents – to offer our best collective resources to our children. Whether that be admissions support, mentoring or simply the sound guidance of our experiences. And to grow this idea to a tangible resource, we have organised our first ever bootcamp that Indian school counsellors can benefit from.”

The first day will be dedicated to giving an insider view to the Oxbridge (Oxford – Cambridge) interview room and will be led by Former Admissions Officer of Oxford University and present Crimson UK Strategy Expert – Hannah Rowberry. The session will also offer expert advice on the importance of relevant extracurriculars and how students can craft an exceptional personal statement to make their applications stand out. During the session, the counsellors will also learn that even though the admission process is highly competitive, once a student gets through, the value of Oxbridge education immeasurable. Over 90% of Oxbridge students get full-time employment within six months of graduating. Students need to be flexible, responsive and thoughtful in their approach, whichever educational system or background they come from.

On Day 2 of the Bootcamp, Crimson UK Programme Manager & Strategy Expert, Evelyn Wu (University of Oxford), will deep-dive into the UK Medical School landscape and guide through the factors that admissions officers consider vital while examining student applications via case studies of successful admits. Wu will also advise on the student school mapping and admission process, as well as academic and eligibility requirements. During the session, the counsellors will also learn that that the most important advantages of choosing the UK for studying medicine is that students can practice medicine globally. Not only will the students be recognised internationally for their practical clinical skills but also for their intellectual rigor.

The British medical education system attracts first-class minds internationally. This ensures that the competition is stiff, and admissions officers look for more than academic excellence, delving into qualities like engaging, intellectual curiosity, empathy, honesty, integrity, communication, teamwork, leadership, time management and capacity for sustained and intensive work.

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