Crowdera helping a Girl Child to raise ₹ 17 Lacs in just 3 days for her Education

Kolkata: Crowdera, the world’s only 100% free fundraising and crowdfunding platform for individuals & organizations, is helping a girl child Anusha to raise ₹ 17 lacs in just 3 days to help her complete her education. Her father Mr. Amit Mitra died an untimely death due to a heart attack on 15th October 2020. The emotional void that his family faces is daunting, as Ambalika, his wife, and Anusha look ahead to a life without Amit. With Amit’s sudden demise, it is now his wife Ambalika’s responsibility to look after little Anusha. However, it is difficult to be a single parent without any financial support.

The campaign is still active on Crowdera’s platform and the little girl needs support to help mother and child to stand on their own feet. With Crowdera’s social initiative, they have successfully raised this amount and will be able to raise more with the support of the people.

While supporting this social initiative, Chet Jainn, Founder & CEO, Crowdera said “We’ve created this fundraising campaign to help and ensure that Amit’s daughter, now less than a year old, will be able to complete her education and will grow up to be a strong, independent woman, something that Amit would have certainly aspired for her. We hope more and more people will help Ambalika and little Anusha to raise money through this social initiative and Crowdera would be happy to support the duo of mother and daughter”, he added.

The aim of the campaign is to support the little angel. Every child deserves to have a secure and fruitful future. A humble appeal to people, to not let the lack of funds devoid her chance to pursue her education successfully and become a pillar of support by helping her.

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