CSIR-IMMT Researchers in the list of top 2% Most Influential Scientists Worldwide


Bhubaneswar  : A recent research performed by academics from Stanford University published a comprehensive list that identified the top 2% most influential scientists worldwide based on the Scopus publications impact.

Eight scientists affiliated to CSIR-Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology, Bhubaneswar have found their place in the world ranking of top two per cent scientists on the basis of a subject-wise analysis which has been published by Elsevier.

The recognition bestowed on the Scientists are Prof. Suddhasatwa Basu, Director, Dr. L. D. Besra, Chief Scientist, Dr. Piyali Bhanja, Ramanujan Fellow, Dr. Bimal P. Singh, Emeritus Scientist, and Chief Scientists retired from CSIR-IMMT are Dr. Biswesar Das, Dr. S.B. Kanungo, Dr. S. Anand, Dr. Kadambini Sarangi in the subject areas of Energy, Materials, Organic Chemistry, Medicinal & Biomolecular Chemistry, Mining and Metallurgy respectively.

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