CSIR laboratory to manufacture critical composite air-frame components for LCA Tejas


New Delhi: CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories (CSIR-NAL) has received an order of more than Rs 100cr for delivering critical composite air-frame components to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), for the LCA-Tejas Full Operational Capability (FOC) standard aircraft.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Minister, S&T and Vice President, CSIR congratulated the team of CSIR-NAL and said that this is a unique effort and highlights CSIR’s commitment towards the Make in India initiative. “The cutting edge technology is one of the critical technologies that make the LCA a 4th generation fighter aircraft” added Dr. Vardhan.

DG-CSIR, Dr Girish Sahni while congratulating the team at CSIR-NAL stated that the use of this co-curing technology in LCA has resulted in 40% reduction in the part count, 50% reduction in the number of fasteners, and 30% reduction in the assembly time when compared to a conventional metallic air-frame. The usage of composites has led to an overall weight reduction of about 20% in the air-frame.

“It is a matter of pride for the country that LCA’s percentage deployment of composites is one of the highest among contemporary aircraft of its class anywhere in the world and this order of Rs 100 crore plus value is a major achievement for CSIR” said Dr. Sahni.

CSIR-NAL’s collaboration with LCA program started from technology demonstrator (2 aircrafts) to prototype development (5 aircrafts) to limited series production (8 aircrafts) and Initial Operational Capability (IOC) standard production aircrafts (SP1 to SP20). The initial IOC order of 20 sets is nearing completion. The challenges were to develop the co-cured complex components indigenously during the time of technology denials and sanctions from other countries. Moreover, the autoclaves necessary for processing composite materials were also developed indigenously by CSIR-NAL. This homegrown technology developed by CSIR-NAL was used in realizing primary air-frame components of LCA like Fin, Rudder, Wing Spars and Fairings, Centre Fuselage and Main Landing Gear components.

CSIR-NAL has now further received an order to supply additional 20 sets of parts for FOC standard aircraft (SP21-SP40) at a cost of Rs 100cr plus including development of tooling. CSIR-NAL has identified a private industry, M/s Tata Advanced Materials Limited (TAML), Bengaluru, as a production partner.