CSMVS and ReReeti Present A Workshop On Engaging Children With Museum Objects

Mumbai: CSMVS Mumbai, in collaboration with ReReeti, presents an interactive and practical workshop: Engaging Children with Museum Objects.

Through an interactive and engaging session, museum professionals and educators will learn about the different approaches to connecting the museum objects to people. The approaches will cater to different age groups, and will have corresponding hands-on activities.

Creating educational pathways, making education more accessible through the museums collection is the key to successful education programming. We will together explore ways how one object can be interpreted in many ways to tell stories, learn values, morals and can be a part of multiple disciplines.

Date: Friday, 19th November

Time: 3.30-5.30pm

On Zoom

Register at https://linktr.ee/rereetifoundation

This workshop is developed by CSMVS Mumbai and the CSMVS Children’s Museum in collaboration with ReReeti.  The CSMVS Children’s Museum is supported by Bank of America.

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