Cuemath hosts the biggest Mathematics carnival in Bangalore

Bangalore: Today, Namma Bengaluru witnessed the biggest ever mathematics carnival hosted by Cuemath – India’s leading home-based, after-school learning program for mathematics. From math learning tools to intuitive puzzles and games, this mathematics carnival was thoughtfully designed to make sure that every child (from KG – 8th grade) enjoyed the process of math learning at the event. The event took place at Elaan Convention Centre, JP Nagar and was attended by over 5000 people. (3000+ children along with their parents).
In the spirit of Independence Day, Cuemath has found a reason to also celebrate ‘freedom from the fear of math’. This year, our Independence Day, 15th August, is also a special date that comes only once in 100 years. It is a Pythagorean Triplet. So how does August 15th 2017 really become a Pythagorean triplet? Pythagorean triplet is sum of the square of the first two sides equivalent to the square if the third side. So, 152 + 82 = 172
Organized against the backdrop of a mathematical coincidence, which was observed on 15th August 2017, this mathematics carnival by Cuemath was one of a kind. To build the enthusiasm and excitement, Cuemath curated some brain cracking math learning tools and puzzles for children between KG and 8th grade that challenged their creativity, imagination, thinking skills, and social skills. Some of the key activities included, Fraction Hopscotch, Arithmetic Spinner, Go Bananas, Play with Geometry, Code Decode and Math Jigsaw.
Manan Khurma, Founder and CEO at Cuemath said, “This is a first of its kind math carnival that Bangalore has ever witnessed. There’s mathematics in everything around us. And as people who celebrate math, we’re only too pleased to note that this year our independence day also has an interesting mathematical coincidence. In the spirit of our Independence Day, we wanted to showcase the many ways in which the fear of mathematics can be conquered and what better way than organizing a fun filled carnival; bringing kids under one roof with interesting games and puzzles and helping them experience the fascinating side of math in an engaging and non-competitive environment”.
Commenting on Cuemath Pythagoras Fest 2017, Shereena, Principal, Sunshine School, said, “Cuemath has a lot of scope for kids because kids learn best when they are having fun. At Cuemath its about engaging children to learn mathematics the right way. 26 of my students accompanied me all the way from Kanakapura to be a part of this engaging carnival. I’m sure my students learnt a lot and I hope to use some of these activities in my school as well. This result is proof of the efficiencies that active learning can bring and thereby help children experience the engaging side of mathematics”.
Started in 2013, Cuemath is a home-based, active math learning program for kids between KG to 8th Grade. Combining the power of technology and personal teaching, Cuemath offers a unique curriculum that ensures a holistic learning experience through workbooks, math boxes, puzzle cards and a tablet. Cuemath’s self-paced program is setting a unique precedence for math teaching and learning as it challenges its traditional means of rote learning formulas, restricting curriculum to a fixed syllabus and focusing purely on scoring.
The future ahead is driven by technology. In just a decade from now, the skill that will truly matter is one’s ability to solve complex problems where math will surely play a huge role. Thus, one needs to begin now and empower children to go beyond the mark/score system and enable them with the ability to think logically and apply an analytical approach to arrive at answers.